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What tests should I record?

For most merchants, the following tests provide solid testing coverage:

  1. Home > Collection page
  2. Collection page > Quick add to cart
  3. Product page > Add to cart > Checkout
  4. Adding various upsells/recommendations across product pages and cart
How often do these test flows run?

Our test flows run at varying frequencies based on your plan, The tests also automatically triggers on theme update.

What should I do if a test fails?

In case of a test failure, you'll receive an email alert (and Slack notification if connected) with useful information. Here are some tips:

  1. Check the test flow screenshot.
  2. Review advanced debugging information.
  3. Test the flow yourself live.
  4. Re-record if necessary.
Does this impact the performance of my store?

Nope! TestCart does not make any changes or have a performance impact on your online store. It runs completely separately on our own servers, making it safe to install anytime.

What happens if a product sells out?

If a product sells out during a test flow where the product is added to the cart, the test will fail. You'll promptly receive an out-of-stock alert via email and Slack.

Can I test end-to-end checkout?

Due to privacy reasons and Shopify limitations, end-to-end checkout test flows are not currently supported. Tests can be recorded up to the 'Payment details' checkout step.

As a store owner using TestCart's assertion feature and noticing a discrepancy in currency values on Shopify, what is the suggested course of action?

Simply run the test from the exact location. For instance, if your store is in Paris, ensure the test is conducted there. This guarantees accurate recording with TestCart's assertion feature, maintaining consistent currency settings for your store in Europe.

What location do these test flows run from (geographically)?

Our tests run from a server based in the United States (Iowa), simulating a customer residing in the US. It's essential to simulate the US customer experience when recording tests.

What if my store is password protected?

Not a problem! Record your tests in incognito mode to enter the password before accessing the store.

Can I record tests that interact with an <iframe>?

Unfortunately, at the moment, TestCart cannot run tests that interact with an element nested within an <iframe>. We hope to support <iframe>s in a future update!