Revolutionize Your Shopify Store with Automated Testing

TestCart monitors your shopify stack and notify issues so you can Discover the Freedom to Focus on Your Business, Not on Shopify Glitches.

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Why choose us

Why Choose TestCart?

Your Sales Matter and Your Profits Deserve Protection.
Don't miss out on revenue – choose TestCart and keep your business thriving effortlessly.

Automated Testing

Introducing TestCart: Your 24/7 Guard Against Ecommerce Glitches. Our automated testing tool vigilantly monitors your product and landing pages, ensuring they always perform flawlessly. Say goodbye to unnoticed errors and lost sales.

Real-Time Out of Stock Alerts

Never Miss a Sale Opportunity. Our cutting-edge system instantly alerts you when products go out of stock, ensuring your customers always find what they're looking for.

Instant Downtime Alerts

Stay Ahead of Downtime. Be the first to know if your store ever goes offline. With TestCart's Shopify downtime alerts, react swiftly to maintain customer trust and minimize disruption.

Comprehensive Store Metrics

Data at Your Fingertips. Track your store's performance with key metrics like revenue and total orders, comparing yesterday's data with today's for informed decision-making.

Email and Slack Alerts

Instant Alerts, Directly Where You Work. Receive real-time notifications via email or Slack, complete with screenshots, to quickly understand and rectify any issues.

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Discover Issues Before Your Customers Do

Don't let preventable issues steal your sales or waste ad spend. In the delicate dance of e-commerce, detecting potential glitches is key. TestCart's automated UI testing suite detects broken UIs, preventing 51% of high-impact store issues before they harm your business.

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All In One Platform For Both UI Testing And Status Monitoring

A unified platform for both UI testing and status monitoring streamlines your store maintenance efforts.

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Detect Irregularities In Your Key Store Metrics

Detect irregularities in key store metrics, empowering you to proactively optimize Shopify conversion rates, add-to-cart rates, and more. Stay in control, enhance performance, and deliver an exceptional online experience for your customers.

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